Acquire high quality engaged users for your mobile application with a cost-effective performance solution



Mobile is Adkomo mobile Business Unit. We help application developers to acquire qualified and engaged mobile users. Thanks to Adkomo proprietary tracking technology and renown 3rd party partners, we are running your campaigns on Adkomo Network composed by thousands of traffic sources optimised in real time against your KPIs.


Adkomo relies on powerful proprietary technology
Proprietary Technology
We have built our platform to provide more flexibility and adapt to our clients’ needs.
Our optimisation dashboards allow us to optimise campaigns in real time, identify high quality traffic sources and scale for the success of your campaign.
Performance KPIs
We track way beyond installs and focus on achieving your KPis, from Click to Purchase.


Acquire high quality users through various channels and business models
Traffic sources
As a One-stop shop, we are connected to thousands of traffic sources with global reach.
Business Models
We adapt the business models to your KPIs, whether you want notoriety or performance (CPM, CPC, CPI, CPA , CPE).
Reach out to your audience through our solution Native Ads, Display, Video, Rewarded Traffic,..


We take fraud seriously and are dedicated to leave your brand safe
Anti Fraud tools
We have integrated layers of security to protect your brand from fraudulent traffic.
Anti Fraud partners
Together we are stronger , we partnered with 24Metrics for added layers of fraud prevention.
Solid onboarding process
Fraud can be reduced by carefully selecting partners. That’s why we cherry pick ours.


We are expert in Mobile Advertising with more than 10 years experience
Dedicated AM
An Account Manager will support during your journey with us, providing support, advices and pro-active campaign management.
Mobile expertise
We have run thousands of mobile campaigns on  various verticals.
Relationship matters
We care about our partners and don’t hesitate to go the extra mile for the success of your campaigns.



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