Target and re-target specific audience through real time bidding with data-driven programmatic campaigns.



Target is Adkomo programmatic Business Unit. Here we buy on DSP adding layers of data for precise targeting or to re-target specific audiences. Set your bid and targeting criterias then start running your campaign addressing millions of users while optimising your campaign against your KPIs and empowering data to maximise your campaign success.


Adkomo relies on powerful proprietary technology
See where you ads are being shown will full transparency on programmatic buying – No hidden fees.
Brand safety
Select Ads on website or category you  have previously whitelisted. Buy on Private Market Place (PMP) or direct deals for even more safety.
Use 1st or 3rd party data to target the right user at the right time.


In addition to standard IAB banners, enjoy the benefit of high impact placements
Empower Instream and Outstream video inventory to engage with your audience.
Native Ads
Seamlessly fit your ads into editorial content and reach out to your audience with a less intrusing form of marketing.
Rich Media
Give your audience an enhanced experience with  interactive and engaging content.


We take fraud seriously and are dedicated to leave your brand safe
Billions impression
Access billions impressions on RTB or direct buy daily. You will never miss your audience
Global & Local Inventory
Target more than 250 countries or the bakery around the corner with hyper local-targeting.
Retarget users who have shown an interest in your product but haven’t made a desired action (Purchase, subscription,…)

Leverage Data Today

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