1.34 billion dollars… this figure represents the total advertising revenue from Apps with illegal content.

A recent study has shown that posting stolen movies or games on applications and websites is a real business for cybercriminals and many advertisers or brands unknowingly contribute to the profit of these illegal applications.

This illegal industry has grown strongly with the increased use of new technologies and represents a real problem not only for consumers who are exposed to people willing to use their information in a fraudulent way but also for the reputation of brands and the advertising industry in general.

According to the same study, ads from Amazon, Facebook and Google would encourage these malicious actions; they would represent for “73% of the ads from major brands that appeared on hacking apps”.

Even if fraud is really present, Artificial Intelligence technologies have made it possible to limit the financing of piracy. It is therefore necessary to bring together rights holders and the advertising sector to further limit this illegal business.

Source: BusinessofApps