Since the arrival of iOS 14.5 almost 3 months ago, Marketers were worried about the figures regarding user consent for ad tracking. But in the end, the numbers are turning out to be much better than anyone expected, and even encouraging, as we seem to be seeing an increase in downloads.

Take the example of the iOS Animal Transform game app, which has 276,000 users, 70% of whom have accepted ad tracking.

The data shows that apps that have been installed from ads will have a higher consent rate. Indeed, users who have found a game through advertising will be more likely to find other content that interests them in this way. But there is no better way to do this than to be transparent to the consumer.

It is estimated that general consent rates will reach 50% in the near future.

In terms of advertising revenue, there is a 30% drop in CPMs for non-consenting users, but this is offset by consenting users who generate higher CPMs. Despite the concerns raised by this update, our industry can finally be tranquil with these technological developments.

Source: Adjust