Are Robots the New Stars of TikTok Ads?

TikTok is exploring a futuristic twist on influencer marketing: AI-powered virtual influencers. Imagine scrolling through your feed and seeing a flawlessly rendered digital character promoting the latest beauty product – that’s the idea.

These digital influencers wouldn’t be limited by location or human needs. They could churn out endless videos based on scripts provided by brands and even adapt their look to suit specific campaigns. For marketers, this translates to potentially cheaper and faster ad creation.

But is this a silver bullet for brands? Here’s a closer look:

AI Influencers Take the Stage (Virtually)

According to The Information, TikTok is developing AI avatars that can deliver video ad scripts. These digital actors would be created based on advertiser or seller prompts, allowing for custom-made spokespeople for each campaign.

However, there are some kinks to iron out. Early tests haven’t shown the same level of sales conversion with AI influencers compared to human creators. This has reportedly delayed a wider release of the feature.

Beyond Sales: Ethical Concerns and a Human Touch

The potential for inauthentic marketing tactics with AI influencers is a worry for some advertisers. There’s also the question of how users will react to a platform flooded with digital personalities. Could it lead to a sense of disconnect and drive users away from the platform known for its real-life creators?

The Verdict: Is AI the Future of Influencer Marketing?

The current iteration of AI influencers might not be the goldmine brands were hoping for. Lower sales conversion and ethical considerations make it a gamble for now. TikTok itself seems to be leaning towards a future where AI complements human creators, not replaces them.

While AI influencers might become more sophisticated over time, for now, the human touch seems to reign supreme in the world of TikTok.

Source: Search Engine Land

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