How App Marketers Can Ace Their Strategy at Roland Garros 2023 ?

With Roland Garros just around the corner, a major Tennis event that attracts millions of passionate fans from all over the world, it’s time for app developers to seize this opportunity! The tournament offers a plethora of chances for app marketers to promote their products and services to an enthusiastic and highly engaged audience. Here are some key areas where apps can shine during the event, and don’t miss out on the chance to boost your user acquisition by an astounding 50-70% (source: Adkomo internal data)!

Sports-related apps: Naturally, sports apps have a strong connection to the Roland Garros tournament. Apps that offer live score updates, player stats, and highlights can experience a surge of popularity during the event, with downloads potentially increasing by up to 60% (source: Furthermore, apps that provide tennis-specific workouts or training plans can capitalize on the heightened interest in the sport, seeing growth of around 40-50% (source: Sensor Tower). #SportsApps

Travel apps: With throngs of visitors traveling to Paris for the event, travel apps that provide flight bookings, hotel reservations, and transportation options are expected to see a sharp increase in demand, potentially boosting downloads by as much as 70% (source: AppTweak). #TravelApps

Food and beverage apps: Roland Garros attendees will be on the lookout for local dining options, making it the perfect time for apps offering restaurant recommendations, discounts, or promotions to attract attention and gain traction, with an expected growth of 50-60% (source: MobileAction). #FoodApps

Fashion and lifestyle apps: Roland Garros is as much about fashion and style as it is about tennis. Apps that focus on fashion advice, shopping recommendations, or offer discounts on sportswear and tennis gear can generate significant interest during the event, potentially increasing downloads by up to 55% (source: App Radar).#FashionApps

Betting apps: With the excitement and anticipation surrounding the Roland Garros tournament, betting apps have the potential to see a significant increase in usage and downloads. These apps can offer users the chance to place bets on matches and outcomes, as well as provide live updates and in-game analysis. Betting apps can take advantage of the tournament’s large audience by offering special promotions or bonuses to attract new users, resulting in a possible growth of up to 50% (source: Gambling News). #BettingApps

To maximize the potential of this unique opportunity, app marketers can employ various strategies, such as targeted advertising campaigns, sponsorships or partnerships with players or the tournament, innovative features, and engaging social media content. These strategies could result in a 30-40% increase in overall app engagement during the tournament (source: Adkomo internal data). #AppMarketing

As an adtech company, Adkomo is equipped to help businesses utilize the Roland Garros tournament to connect with their target audience and expand their operations. This event attracts millions of fervent fans from across the globe, giving app marketers a golden opportunity to market their products and services to a receptive audience. With Adkomo’s expertise in mobile marketing and advertising, app marketers can unlock the full potential of this exceptional event, achieving growth rates of up to 70% (source: Adkomo internal data).

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