Microsoft Enters Mobile App Market with New Gaming Store

Microsoft is stepping into the competitive mobile app market with the announcement of its upcoming game store. The tech giant revealed its plans this week, introducing a platform that will rival the established Apple and Google stores.

Designed to be accessible through web browsers, the store will initially focus on games developed by Microsoft. Users can look forward to exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions on popular game items, including the renowned Candy Crush Saga. However, Microsoft plans to open the platform to other publishers in the future.

Sarah Bond, President of Xbox, explained that the decision to create a browser-based store instead of an app is to ensure it is “accessible on all devices, in all countries, regardless of the policies of closed ecosystem stores.”

“We want to ensure that we start and scale with our own intellectual property first. This allows us to make sure that the experience we provide to partners truly reflects the quality and expertise we have as a team.” —Sarah Bond, President of Xbox Bond emphasized that Microsoft has a clear opportunity to compete by offering a store that truly adapts to all devices, allowing users’ identities, libraries, and rewards to travel with them without being confined to a single ecosystem.

Despite recent challenges faced by Microsoft’s gaming division, the company still boasts a strong portfolio of games, including the iconic Minecraft, considered the most popular game of all time. Given the success of its mobile version, Bond suggested that Minecraft could be one of the first additions to the new store.

Source: App Marketing News 

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