Pinterest Spreads Its Wings: Google Joins Amazon as Ad Partner to Soar Sales

Pinterest takes flight with a new ad partnership! Joining forces with Google Ads, they aim to skyrocket international sales and reach a wider audience. This marks their second major third-party ad collaboration, following Amazon’s entry last year.

What does this mean?

Imagine browsing Pinterest and seeing relevant ads, seamlessly leading you to purchase within the platform! That’s the game changer. Google Ads users can now tap into Pinterest’s active and engaged base, boosting reach and conversions.


  • For advertisers: Broadened reach, targeted engagement, and potential sales increase.
  • For Pinterest: Monetization of international markets, leading to higher ad revenue.


Why Google?

While 80% of Pinterest users are international, only 20% of revenue comes from outside the US. Pinterest believes Google’s global reach can bridge this gap, boosting international sales.

What’s next?

Similar to the Amazon integration, the rollout will be gradual, taking place over several quarters. Early results show promising trends with increasing third-party ad demand.

So, will it take off?

Only time will tell, but the partnership shows potential for Pinterest to soar higher in the international market. Keep an eye on the skies, where exciting collaborations might spark new opportunities!

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