Unveiling Unmatched Player Loyalty Among RPG Gamers: The Power of Ads in Mobile Game Installations

Unlocking the Secrets of Player Loyalty in Mobile Gaming: A Genre Analysis

When it comes to the world of mobile gaming, player loyalty is a coveted treasure. Developers and publishers constantly seek ways to engage, retain, and satisfy their player base. While various genres vie for the spotlight in this competitive landscape, a recent analysis conducted by Mistplay provides valuable insights into which genres have the most loyal players, and the factors contributing to their allegiance.

Genres Under the Microscope

Mistplay’s Loyalty Index scrutinized over 500 mobile games and millions of players, ranking mobile gaming genres based on metrics such as retention, repeat purchase rate, and average user sessions. The results are illuminating:

1. RPGs Reign Supreme: Role-Playing Games (RPGs) secured the highest ranking on the Loyalty Index with a remarkable score of 75 out of 100. RPG players are known for their dedication and commitment to in-game worlds, quests, and characters.

2. The Strategic Appeal: Strategy games come in a close second with a score of 70. These games demand tactical thinking, planning, and resource management, attracting players who enjoy intellectual challenges and long-term engagement.

3. Simulation and Lifestyle: Simulation games and Lifestyle games scored 67 and 61, respectively. Lifestyle games, in particular, stand out for their high average user sessions and success in monetization. Players are drawn to these games, repeatedly returning throughout the day to make incremental purchases as they pursue in-game aspirations.

4. Puzzle Perfection: Puzzle games excel in player retention, securing the top spot for Day 30 retention rates. With a broad appeal to casual gamers, this genre offers substantial growth potential.

Loyalty: The Lifeblood of Mobile Gaming

Player loyalty is hailed as the lifeblood of strong Lifetime Value (LTV) and long-term enterprise value for gaming publishers. Jason Heller, CEO of Mistplay, emphasizes the importance of understanding player loyalty and the need to cultivate it. Loyalty is more than just a buzzword; it’s a mindset, a set of behaviors, and capabilities that publishers and developers must operationalize.

The Journey Starts with Ads

The journey toward player loyalty begins with the first ad impression. Approximately half of players decide to install a game within a few days of encountering an ad. Authenticity in advertising plays a pivotal role, with 71.7% of mobile gamers valuing actual gameplay footage in ads. However, it’s worth noting that 36.7% typically ignore ads entirely, underlining the significance of authentic advertising in leaving a lasting impact.

High-Value Spenders: A Distinctive Player Group

High-value spenders exhibit unique motivations. Players investing over $100 in mobile games are 28% more likely to engage with at least eight games per week. They are also 55% more inclined to spend money to maintain competitiveness with other players. This highlights their dedication to in-game advancement compared to other spenders.

The Power of Progression

A sense of progression serves as a critical motivator for mobile gamers. The desire to advance further (56.8%) and the avoidance of abandoning in-game progress (50.3%) are the top two reasons players continue playing a game. This underscores the significance of providing players with a clear sense of achievement and ongoing growth within the gaming experience.

In a world of diverse mobile gaming genres, RPGs and Strategy games lead the pack with dedicated player bases and high loyalty scores. Lifestyle games excel in average sessions and monetization, while puzzle games offer growth potential through strong retention. To attract players, authentic advertising is key, but not all players respond to ads, emphasizing the importance of creating impactful ad experiences.

As the mobile gaming landscape continues to evolve, understanding player loyalty remains paramount. It’s not just about retaining players; it’s about fostering a sense of commitment, engagement, and a shared journey within the gaming universe.

Source: Business of Apps

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