Today, let’s talk about the impact of the Ad Tracking Transparency (ATT) of Apple on Zynga, an American social game developer.

The company is currently in rapid growth, here are some significant figures:

  • 59% increase in revenues over the previous year: 720 million dollars
  • 37% increase in bookings over the previous year: 712 million dollars
  • 110% and 111% year-on-year growth in advertising and bookings revenue: 133 million dollars Despite a very high growth,

Zynga announced that with the recent changes adopted by Apple regarding ATT in its latest iOS14.5 update, acquiring new players has a higher cost. Since these changes related to data privacy, CPC and CPM keep increasing. Zynga also points out that the stability of the market is currently being questioned with its measures, so the app developper needs to be careful with its Q3 forecasts.

Zynga, The trendy American game developper has a lot of very famous games including Torchlight III, Echtra Games, Uncosoft, StarLark and Golf Rival. The company bought Chartboost, an advertising and monetisation platform, in August. They expect from this purchase, an opening on new growth and expansion opportunities for 2022.

Source: Mobilemarketingreads