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Our clients vary widely in size, from large insurance companies with call centers staffed by hundreds of sales agents to smaller firms with a modest team of dedicated professionals. Regardless of their scale, they share a common objective: to acquire high-quality leads that are not only numerous but also highly interested in changing their health insurance providers.

Our Solution

We execute hundreds of lead generation campaigns, leveraging a robust mix of digital platforms to optimize visibility and effectiveness. These lead generation efforts span Google Ads, which includes search, video, and display options, alongside Meta Advertising. We also utilize native advertising through Taboola and Outbrain and conduct targeted email marketing campaigns to enhance our lead generation reach.

For efficient lead capture and conversion, we develop tailored branded, co-branded or white label landing pages and forms with our proprietary in-house solutions, enhancing the lead generation process specifically for the health insurance sector. We also ensure real-time lead quality monitoring through direct integration with our clients’ insurance CRMs or through close partnerships, allowing for immediate campaign optimization. This integration is crucial for continuously refining our lead generation strategies to ensure we deliver the highest quality leads—those who are ready to sign up for a new health insurance policy.

Additionally, our lead generation strategy includes SMS automation strategies to increase engagement, encouraging prospects to initiate contact with sales agents, thus boosting the likelihood of successful lead conversion. Through these focused and adaptive lead generation techniques, we not only meet but exceed client expectations, driving their success in the competitive health insurance market.

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The Results

Since initiating our dedicated lead generation campaigns, we have expertly utilized a broad spectrum of marketing channels, including Google Ads, social media, native advertising, and email marketing. These methods have been pivotal in our strategy to effectively capture the attention of potential clients.

To date, our lead generation activities have successfully generated more than 500,000 prospects, each actively interested in comparing and potentially changing their health insurance policies. This milestone not only highlights the efficiency of our targeted lead generation strategies but also emphasizes our ability to drive significant market engagement and deliver high-value leads to our clients.

Through our proficient use of diverse digital marketing tools, we continue to bolster our client’s leads collected, ensuring their growth and competitiveness in the dynamic health insurance market.

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