How to improve the Reachability Rate?

Are you looking to boost your lead generation efforts and increase the reachability of your audience? In today’s competitive digital landscape,  one of the critical metrics that often dictate the success of your marketing and sales efforts is the reachability rate. 

Having a high level of reachability is crucial for attracting and retaining potential leads. Reachability is the first-rate you need to check as it clearly shows you if your purchase is fresh, checked and with real information.

If you’re ready to take your lead generation strategies to the next level, keep reading for practical tips on improving reachability that will set you apart from the competition!

What do we call reachability?

In the context of lead generation the reachability rate is a metric that refers to the proportion of leads that can be reached or successfully contacted out of the total number of leads received. This rate is crucial for understanding how efficiently a sales or marketing team can engage with the leads, especially through direct communication channels like phone calls or emails.

The formula for calculating the reachability rate is:

Reachability Rate

 = (Number of Leads Contacted Successfully / Total Number of Leads received)

 X 100

Number of Leads Contacted Successfully: This refers to the number of leads with whom contact was made successfully, meaning that the lead was reached through a phone call, email, or other direct communication methods, and a meaningful interaction was initiated.

Total Number of Leads received: This is the total number of leads the buyer has received from this channel.

The result is expressed as a percentage, providing a clear indicator of the effectiveness of the outreach efforts. A higher reachability rate indicates a more effective contact strategy, suggesting that the leads are well-targeted and that the timing and method of contact are appropriate. Improving the reachability rate is often a key focus to enhance the conversion rates and efficiency in the lead generation process.

For Example: An  Insurance company has bought 100 leads from  Media source A. Out of those 100 leads, the Insurance company has been able to successfully make contact with 60 leads. The reachability rate is then: 

Reachability rate: 60 Leads Contacted Successfully /100 Leads received = 60%

How to improve your reachability rate

Enhancing the reachability rate in lead generation is a collaborative effort that demands both the client purchasing leads and the lead provider to refine strategies, optimize communication channels, and improve the quality of leads. This shared responsibility ensures that the efforts to increase the probability of successfully contacting your leads are more comprehensive and effective.

  1. Optimize Calls

Research and identify the best times to call leads based on industry standards, time zones, and typical business hours. Studies have shown that certain times of day yield higher answer rates.  Typically, in the case that the lead has just made his request online, you have a higher chance that he will pick up your call if you call him within 5 minutes of his request. In addition, you can send an SMS specifying who you are (company name + your name + reason you are calling) and let them know you will call again in 3 min.

Example: Hi, we just received your Request for Quotation made of {website name}. One of our experts will call you in 5 minutes. 

You can also incorporate a calendar so that a lead who would not be available right now can schedule a call. 

Another solution is to use a local line or call from a cell phone: local lines work great if you are targeting leads in a specific area.

For example, If you are buying leads and the user is based in Gironde, France, then your lead is more likely to pick up the phone if you are calling with a phone number starting with 05, rather than 01 or 08.

Additionally, you can follow up by sending an SMS or email reminder if the lead doesn’t pick up the phone. For instance: 

Hello Mr. White, 

We’ve been trying to contact you following your request for information on the website {website}concerning your project: X

I just want to take a look and see how I can help you in your research.

You can also book a meeting with me here : {calendar link}

I remain at your disposal.

Your name + company.




  1. Leverage Lead Scoring

Implement a lead scoring system to prioritize outreach to leads most likely to engage. Factors can include lead source, engagement level, demographic information, and past interactions.  Do not hesitate to give feedback to your provider so that they  can optimize their acquisition campaigns. Ask your provider to introduce solutions to score leads against:

  • Phone number validity using OTP (One time password)
  • Email address validity 
  • Type of connection (residential or VPN,..)


  1. Use Multi-Channel Outreach

Don’t rely solely on phone calls. Integrate email, social media, text messaging, and other platforms into your outreach strategy. This increases the likelihood of reaching leads through their preferred communication channel.

For example, on lead confirmation, you can introduce a result page showing various ways to get in touch with your commercial team.

  1. Personalize Communication

Customize messages based on the lead’s interests, behaviors, and previous interactions with your company. Personalized communication is more likely to catch their attention and prompt a response. 

For example, on the form below we are asking the prospect to tell us if optical care is important for him.

Then, as the advertiser receives the information, they can customize their approach with the customer. 

  1. Invest in Quality Data

Ensure your contact lists are up-to-date and sourced from reliable providers. Regularly give feedback to your providers so they can optimize their campaigns.  On many ad networks (Taboola, Meta,…), your providers can leverage API connexion to optimize post leads activity, so they can have a focus on the campaign, ad group, and adset, which are generating higher user intent.  

  1. Automate and Streamline Outreach

Utilize CRM and automation tools to schedule and track outreach attempts efficiently. Automation can help ensure timely follow-ups and maintain consistency in communication efforts.

  1. Train Your Team

Educate your sales and marketing teams on best practices for outreach, including how to leave engaging voicemails, crafting compelling emails, and handling initial conversations effectively.

When you are buying leads via a comparator or other third party, make sure you ask your provider to share the Collect URL so that your call center can use this information when contacting the lead. 

For example: Hi mister Smith, I’m calling you regarding the request for a quotation you did on the website {collect_url}

  1. Analyze and Adjust Strategies

Regularly review the performance of your outreach efforts. Use analytics to understand which strategies are working and which are not. Be prepared to adjust tactics based on performance data and feedback. There are many ways to collect leads, including but not limited to:) 

  • The source of traffic: Emailing, Meta, Search, SMS,… 
  • Support: Branded landing page, co-brander landing page, Whitelabel landing page Meta Instant Form, Chatbots, Whatsapp,..

Each of those support have its results so you can adapt their KPIs. 

  1. Feedback Loop

Establish a system for collecting feedback from leads about why they did or did not engage. Use this feedback to refine your approach continuously.

  1. Compliance and Ethics

Ensure all outreach practices comply with legal regulations (like GDPR in Europe or TCPA in the U.S.) and ethical standards. Respecting leads’ preferences and privacy contributes to a positive brand image and can improve engagement rates.


In conclusion, boosting the reachability rate is essential for maximizing the efficiency of your lead generation efforts and ensuring that your outreach strategies effectively engage potential leads. By adopting a collaborative approach between the client buying the leads and the lead provider, and focusing on refining outreach strategies, optimizing communication channels, and improving lead quality, businesses can significantly enhance their ability to connect with their audience.

But remember, the goal is not just to reach more leads but to engage them meaningfully to drive conversions and build lasting relationships. With the shared responsibility between clients and lead providers in mind, and by implementing these proven strategies, your business is well-positioned to enhance its reachability rate, set itself apart from the competition, and achieve greater success in its lead generation endeavors.

If you are looking for quality leads, connect with us today and we’ll get back to you in no time to help boost your lead generation.

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