Apple Unveils AI Magic Wand: Edit Photos with Words, Not Software

Imagine transforming your photos with simple sentences! Apple and researchers at UC Santa Barbara unveiled a groundbreaking AI model called MGIE that does just that. Forget complex editing software – describe your desired changes in plain language, and MGIE takes care of the rest.

MGIE, short for MLLM-Guided Image Editing, is your pocket AI photo editor. Want to crop, resize, flip, or add filters? Just type your instructions. And it doesn’t stop there! This AI wizard handles even intricate edits, like reshaping objects or brightening specific areas. Think “make the sky bluer” and watch the magic happen as MGIE adjusts just the sky’s brightness.

But how does it work? MGIE is a master of two languages: text and images. First, it understands your written commands. Then, it “visualizes” the edit. “Make the pizza healthier” transforms into adding veggie toppings, while “more contrast for a brighter Sahara” brings sunlight to your tiger photo.

The researchers explain, “MGIE goes beyond vague instructions and grasps your specific visual intent, leading to exceptional edits. We’ve tested it extensively on various tasks, and it delivers impressive results while staying efficient. We believe this MLLM-guided approach paves the way for future advancements in vision and language research.”

Ready to try it? Click here: or here

Apple offers MGIE for download on GitHub and even provides a web demo on Hugging Face Spaces. They haven’t revealed future plans, but the possibilities are exciting!

Of course, Apple isn’t alone in the AI image editing game. Platforms like OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 offer similar text-based photo manipulation, and Adobe’s Firefly AI generates backgrounds for your shots. While Apple hasn’t been a major player in generative AI like Microsoft, Meta, or Google, CEO Tim Cook hinted at bringing more AI features to our devices this year. MGIE’s release, along with their open-source MLX framework for training AI models on Apple chips, suggests they’re serious about joining the AI revolution.

So, get ready to ditch the editing software and embrace the power of words! With Apple’s MGIE, transforming your photos is as easy as writing a sentence. The future of image editing is here, and it’s magical!

Source: The Verge

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