Facebook Releases Graph API v19.0 and Marketing API v19.0

Facebook today announced the expansion of its Advantage Detailed Targeting product to all campaign objectives and optimizations, as well as the upcoming deprecation of the ability to create ads, ad sets, and campaigns using the original objectives framework in the Marketing API.

Advantage Detailed Targeting for All Campaign Objectives

Advantage Detailed Targeting is a machine learning-powered feature that uses advanced automation to help advertisers reach a broader audience and improve campaign performance. Starting January 23, 2024, advertisers and partners using the Marketing API will have the option to opt-in to Advantage Detailed Targeting for campaigns optimized for impressions, video views, reach, engagement, or ad recall lift. For campaigns optimized for leads and link clicks or landing page views, Advantage Detailed Targeting will be automatically applied with no opt-out option.

Deprecation of Original Objectives in Marketing API

To streamline the advertising experience and provide a more consistent set of objectives, Facebook will be deprecating the original objectives framework in the Marketing API. Starting with Marketing API v19.0, new ads, ad sets, and campaigns using the original objectives listed below can no longer be created via ad copy. Ad objectives will need to be updated to reflect the simplified objectives framework.

Impacted Original Objectives



Transition Plan

Advertisers and partners using the Marketing API will have until April 22, 2024 to update their code and existing campaigns to use the simplified objectives framework. Marketing API version 20 will no longer support creating ads and ad sets under original objective campaigns. However, any versions of the API prior to v20 will continue to allow this functionality.


The expansion of Advantage Detailed Targeting and the deprecation of the original objectives framework in the Marketing API represent significant changes for Facebook advertisers and partners. Advertisers should take the time to familiarize themselves with the new capabilities and make the necessary adjustments to their advertising strategies. Partners should also update their integrations to support the new API requirements.

Source: Meta

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