Gaming Advertisements Deliver Above-Average Performance, According to New Research

Despite the recent turmoil in the gaming industry, gaming remains a powerful advertising platform with high engagement rates and strong brand recall. A new report from Dentsu finds that gaming advertising on Twitch delivers above-average results compared to other channels, such as social media, online video, audio, and display advertisements.

The report, titled “Play Attention: Calling Focus to Gaming,” was conducted in partnership with Lumen and Anzu. It examined the effectiveness of three different types of gaming advertising: livestreaming, rewarded video, and intrinsic in-game advertising.

Livestreaming ads were found to be particularly effective, with an average brand recall of 57%, compared to the 38% norm for other channels. This high level of engagement is likely due to the fact that gamers are already highly engaged with the content they are watching, and they are less likely to skip or ignore ads that appear during streams.

Rewarded video ads were also shown to be effective, with a 100% on-screen impression rate. These ads are typically short videos that are shown to users in exchange for a reward, such as an extra life or in-game currency. The high opt-in rate for rewarded video ads suggests that gamers are receptive to this type of advertising.

Intrinsic in-game advertising, which takes the form of billboards or other naturally occurring objects in-game, was also found to be effective, with an average of 3,442 seconds of attention per user. This is significantly higher than the average of 1,416 seconds for traditional online ads.

The researchers found that the key to successful gaming advertising is to understand the gaming environment and choose the right type of ad for the target audience. For example, livestreaming ads are best suited for reaching a broad audience, while rewarded video ads are more effective for driving immediate engagement.

Overall, the research suggests that gaming is a valuable advertising channel that can deliver above-average results for brands. Advertisers who are willing to experiment with different types of gaming ads and tailor their creative to the specific environment can see significant returns on their investment.

Key Takeaways

  • Gaming advertising delivers above-average brand recall and engagement rates.
  • Livestreaming, rewarded video, and intrinsic in-game advertising are all effective types of gaming ads.
  • Understanding the gaming environment and choosing the right type of ad for the target audience is key to success.



Gaming advertising is a powerful tool that can help brands reach a highly engaged audience. By understanding the research findings and experimenting with different types of ads, brands can maximize the effectiveness of their gaming advertising campaigns.


Source: MarketingDive

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