Google Ads now limits country-level location exclusions to 120 countries.

Google Ads has implemented a new restriction on country-level location exclusions, allowing advertisers to only exclude up to 120 entities. If the number of entities entered exceeds this limit, a warning notification will be issued. This change has been noted by PPC Sauce, a Google Ads marketing agency, as they have traditionally been able to easily input their exclusion list without any limitations.

The agency then shared a screenshot of the warning notification sent by Google when the 120-country limit is exceeded:

According to Google Ads Liaison Officer Ginny Marvin, this notification will appear if you attempt to add more than approximately 120 location exclusions at the country level. The purpose of this change is to simplify location targeting processes, and it is recommended to use positive geographic targeting instead. It’s important to note that according to Google’s guidelines, deciding where your ads should not be shown is just as crucial for campaign success as determining where they should be shown. This may cause concern for some advertisers whose control over limiting locations has been removed. However, those who wish to exclude new targeted areas need not worry as Google assures that their ads will not be displayed in these locations without explicit targeting.

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