Google’s “Visit” Button Test: A New Era for Mobile Search

Google is piloting a major update to its mobile search results page, featuring a large, blue “Visit” button beneath a website’s sitelinks. This new element is designed to streamline the user experience and potentially boost website traffic.

Limited Release and Testing

This feature is currently visible to a select group of users in mobile search results. Google’s A/B testing approach will help them understand user interactions and refine the feature before a potential wider release.


Improved User Experience: The bold, blue button offers a clear and accessible call to action, simplifying navigation for mobile users. This is especially beneficial for those with smaller screens or who prefer a direct route to websites.

Higher Click-Through Rates: By making the “Visit” button prominent, more users might be inclined to click through to websites, potentially increasing traffic.

Google’s Commitment to Mobile-First

This experiment is in line with Google’s mobile-first strategy. As mobile searches grow, Google continues to enhance its search engine results pages (SERPs) to improve the mobile user experience.

The introduction of a prominent “Visit” button in mobile search results is a notable development with significant implications for both users and websites. As Google evaluates user feedback during this test phase, we can expect more insights into the future of mobile search interactions.

Source: Medium

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