Hilton Partners with Paris Hilton to Launch Metaverse Loyalty Program

Hilton Hotels & Resorts has partnered with Paris Hilton to launch a metaverse loyalty program that allows users to earn real-world Hilton Honors perks in the virtual world. The campaign, which is being held in Hilton’s Slivingland world on the Roblox gaming platform, will offer users the chance to earn millions of Hilton Honors Points, Diamond Tier Status, and exclusive digital wearables.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to engage our Hilton Honors members and connect with new travelers,” said Hilton CMO Mark Weinstein. “Paris Hilton is a global icon who embodies the spirit of the Hilton Stay, and we are thrilled to partner with her to bring our loyalty program to the metaverse.”

To earn rewards in the metaverse, users will need to complete a series of immersive challenges. The challenges will range from exploring Hilton’s Slivingland world to interacting with Hilton brand assets. Once users have completed a challenge, they will receive a certain number of Hilton Honors Points.

In addition to the challenges, users can also earn Hilton Honors Points by purchasing digital wearables in Slivingland. These wearables will include Hilton Honors Harajuku Antlers, which are a nod to Hilton’s “It Matters Where You Stay” national advertising campaign.

The Hilton-Paris Hilton metaverse loyalty program is a significant step forward for the hospitality industry. It is one of the first loyalty programs to be launched in the metaverse, and it shows that brands are starting to recognize the potential of this new virtual world.

“The metaverse is a rapidly growing space with a lot of potential,” said Weinstein. “We are excited to be one of the first brands to bring our loyalty program to the metaverse, and we believe that this will be a valuable way to connect with our customers.”

The Hilton-Paris Hilton metaverse loyalty program is a creative and innovative way to engage customers and promote the Hilton brand. It is also a sign that the hospitality industry is embracing the future of marketing and customer engagement.

Source: MarketingDive

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