LinkedIn Sharpens Focus on Industry-Centric Content and Knowledge Exchange

LinkedIn is aiming to strengthen its connections with publishers in order to enhance engagement within specific industries on the app. As a professional networking platform, it has experienced a 22% rise in views of updates on the main feed and a 25% increase in public conversations within the app. To further its goal of connecting professionals to economic opportunities, LinkedIn is shifting its focus from individual creators to established publishers who can provide niche, valuable content that encourages meaningful discussions within their feeds.

During an Axios interview, Dan Roth, editor-in-chief of LinkedIn, shared that the platform is collaborating with more than 400 news publishers worldwide. He added that LinkedIn’s editorial team regularly communicates with these newsrooms to keep them updated on trending content and help them improve their posts.

In contrast to Meta, which is moving away from controversial news content, LinkedIn’s specific focus is promoting constructive, educational interaction. According to Roth: “Our belief is that when individuals and experts visit LinkedIn, they should receive valuable insights that enhance their current or desired career.”

The renewed emphasis on industry publications coincides with the removal of LinkedIn’s “Creator Mode” feature, initially implemented in 2021 to align with the larger goal of boosting creator incentives. However, on LinkedIn, the concept of being a “creator” is not central, as the majority of members are already knowledgeable in their respective industries. This expertise within their fields is also what provides the greatest value and insights.

In light of this, LinkedIn is shifting its focus towards publications that provide specialized expertise rather than creating its own influential content. In addition to this, Roth mentions that LinkedIn is increasing its investment in their podcast network and conducting a trial for video sponsorships with hand-picked publishers. This initiative aims to increase the presence of premium videos on the platform, thereby fostering greater engagement and interaction within specific niche communities.

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