Meta Introduces Video Capability for Catalog Product Ads

Meta is enhancing its Catalog Product Ads by incorporating automated video options, expanding the ways advertisers can showcase their products.

Overview of Catalog Product Ads

Formerly known as Dynamic Ads, Catalog Product Ads allow advertisers to upload their entire product catalog into Meta’s system. Meta then uses this data to display the most relevant products to each user. These ads can be targeted based on user interest in similar products or through retargeting specific items a user has viewed on a website.

New Video Integration

Until now, Catalog Product Ads only included still image placements. The recent update now allows advertisers to add video assets to their product listings, offering a new method to enhance Catalog campaigns.

Meta’s Explanation

Meta explains the new feature:

“Once [product videos are] uploaded, advertisers can leverage the AI in Advantage+ solutions to pinpoint ideal users, deliver impactful content and ultimately drive conversions.”

Expanded Reach and Engagement

This update enables advertisers to distribute their video ads across Reels, Feed, and Stories. Meta’s automated display process ensures that these videos reach the most interested users, potentially increasing engagement and conversions.

The Popularity of Video Content

Integrating video into Catalog Product Ads could significantly enhance promotional efforts. Meta reports that video content now accounts for 50% of the time users spend on Facebook and Instagram, making this a potentially valuable addition to advertising strategies.

Best Practices for Video Ads

Meta advises keeping video elements short to capture attention quickly:

“It’s important to hook your audience within the first 2 seconds of the video and provide them with a call to action within 5 to 6 seconds.”

Advertisers should also be mindful of “safe zones” in video content to ensure key messages are not obscured by the user interface.


Meta has announced that the updated Catalog Product Ads, including video options, are now available to all advertisers through Advantage+.

This new capability offers a compelling way for brands to enhance their advertising campaigns with engaging video content, leveraging the high engagement rates of video on Meta’s platforms.

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