Mobile Gaming Provides Stress Relief and Benefits Mental Well-being, Says “Power of Play 2023” Report


A recent report, “Power of Play 2023”, released by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), highlights the multifaceted advantages of gaming that extend beyond mere entertainment. The report’s findings reveal the positive impact of gaming on mental well-being, and the ability of gaming to serve as a stress-reliever that transcends age, location, and cultural background.

The report indicates that 71% of individuals playing games on mobile and other devices experience a reduction in stress within just a few minutes of gaming. Notably, this stress-relieving effect is not confined by demographic factors, making it a universal phenomenon worldwide. A significant 61% of gamers reported feeling less anxious, while 58% expressed a decreased sense of isolation.

Furthermore, gaming is not limited to leisure; it provides a dynamic and effective learning platform. Gamers consistently enhance their skills, be it in reading comprehension, communication, or problem-solving abilities. Some 64% of gamers view gaming as a healthy outlet for daily challenges, and 63% noted an increase in happiness after gaming sessions.

The social aspect of gaming contributes to the overall satisfaction derived from it. Approximately half of gamers engage in online gaming with others on a weekly basis.

In essence, mobile gaming is more than just a form of entertainment; it offers various benefits, including stress relief, skill development, happiness, and social connection, making it a valuable tool for individuals worldwide.

Key Takeaways

  • Gaming provides a quick and effective method for reducing stress, with 71% of players experiencing stress relief within minutes of gaming.
  • Gamers report feeling less anxious (61%) and less isolated (58%), emphasizing the positive impact of gaming on mental well-being.
  • Italy is unique in viewing gaming primarily as a way to “pass the time,” setting it apart from other countries where the primary motivation for gaming is pure enjoyment.

What’s Next?

The report underscores the universal appeal of gaming as a stress-reliever and a positive influence on mental well-being. As more people recognise the multifaceted benefits of gaming, the industry may continue to evolve, incorporating aspects that enhance stress reduction and well-being for players worldwide.

Source: ESA

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