Navigating the Surging Tide: A Deep Dive into France’s Thriving Mobile App Market Trends of 2023

Mobile gaming app installations among French users have experienced a noteworthy surge of 17% in 2023, showcasing the dynamism of France’s thriving app ecosystem. As the driving force behind Europe’s mobile revolution, France boasts over 76% of its population actively using smartphones, contributing to a projected market exceeding $7.3 billion by 2027, according to insights from app experts Adjust.

Key Trends in the French App Market:

  1. Mobile Game Sessions Rise by 17%:

    • In 2022, French users increased their daily average time spent on mobile apps to 3.9 hours from 2.7 hours in 2019.
    • Explore the latest trends shaping the French app market in 2023, spanning gaming, social apps, and economic factors influencing overall app sessions.
  2. Dominance of Gaming Apps:
    • In the dynamic French Android market, gaming apps dominate revenue charts, with six out of the top ten grossing apps in this category.
    • Coin Master claims the top spot, followed by TikTok (social) and the gaming sensation Monopoly Go.
  2. iOS Landscape and Mobile Gaming Growth:

    • On iOS, Deezer, a music and audio app, leads, with TikTok and Tinder (social) following closely.
    • France’s mobile gaming sector projects revenues of $0.83 billion by the end of 2023, expected to soar to $1.07 billion by 2027.
  1. Surging Interest in Gaming:

    • Gaming apps already account for 43% of all mobile app downloads in France, with 71% of the population engaging in mobile gaming occasionally.
    • Adjust data reveals a significant 17% increase in gaming app installs from Q2 to Q3 2023, along with a 5% rise in user sessions.
  3. High Retention Rates in Gaming and Social Apps:

    • Gaming and social apps in France exhibit the highest Day 1 retention rates, standing at 24% and 17%, respectively, as of July 2023.
    • Entertainment and utility apps follow closely, with retention rates of 11% and 10%, respectively.
  1. Shift Towards Utility Apps:

    • The French app market demonstrates a shift toward utility apps, with a marginal 1% drop in user sessions but a 2% increase in installations from Q2 to Q3 2023.
    • In October 2023, utility apps experienced significant YoY growth, with installs surging by 21% and sessions by 8%.
  3. Considerate Monetization Strategies:

    • French consumers prefer tailored monetization strategies, with 40% favoring alternatives to in-app advertising, emphasizing the need for considerate approaches.
    • App marketers must prioritize French localization and carefully approach monetization, especially in-app advertising.


In conclusion, France’s mobile app market showcases remarkable growth, primarily driven by gaming and social apps, despite economic fluctuations. The surge in mobile gaming interest and shifting trends present opportunities for strategic marketing approaches and user engagement tactics in this dynamic landscape.

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Source: Business of Apps

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