TikTok to Expand Content Options with 30 Minute Uploads

TikTok is reportedly testing a new feature that would allow users to upload videos up to 30 minutes long. This is a significant departure from the platform’s current maximum length of 10 minutes, and it suggests that TikTok is looking to become a more comprehensive entertainment platform.

The company has been gradually increasing the maximum length of its videos in recent years, starting with 15 seconds, then 60 seconds, then 3 minutes, then 5 minutes, and finally 10 minutes in 2022. The addition of 30-minute uploads would continue this trend and could make TikTok a more attractive option for creators who want to share longer-form content.

The move is also likely to be motivated by a desire to increase TikTok’s revenue potential. YouTube has been more successful in monetizing its video content than TikTok, in part because it allows for longer ad formats like pre-roll and mid-roll ads. With longer videos, TikTok could potentially attract more advertisers and generate more revenue for both itself and its creators.

It remains to be seen whether TikTok users will embrace 30-minute videos. The platform is known for its short-form, highly shareable content, and some users may find longer videos to be too time-consuming or difficult to consume. However, if TikTok can successfully integrate longer videos into its platform, it could attract a wider audience and become a more significant force in the online video landscape.

Source: SocialMediaToday

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