Twitch Unveils Stories Feature for Quick and Easy Content Sharing


Twitch has introduced Stories, a feature that allows users to swiftly create and share content with their Twitch community, all within the Twitch platform using their mobile devices.

The new Stories feature appears as a shelf at the top of the Following page for all Twitch users who have updated their app. However, the initial rollout of content creation capabilities is limited to Partners & Affiliates who have conducted at least one stream in the past 30 days. Access will be gradually expanded to eligible streamers over the coming week as they meet the minimum criteria, and Twitch is actively testing its safety measures to determine if access can be extended to more streamers.

With Stories, Twitch users can share a variety of content, including photos, clips, and freeform posts. These stories can be customized with text, custom channel emotes, and backgrounds. Streamers with a minimum of 30 subscribers, including gift subs, will have the option to create sub-only stories.

Eduardo Fenilli, Senior Product Manager at Twitch, emphasized that one of the main objectives of introducing Stories to the platform is to provide users with an easy way to connect with their followers.

Followers are promptly notified when a new story is posted, and Twitch has introduced specific notification settings for stories to allow viewers to manage their notifications. The company initially set stories to expire after 48 hours to ensure that followers have ample time to view each unique post. Even after expiration, users can still see total views and reaction counts on each story. Viewers can interact with stories by reacting to them, showing their support for the content.

In terms of safety, content shared in stories is held to the same Community Guidelines as other content on Twitch. Users can report stories that violate these guidelines directly within the app.

<strong>1<strong> From <strong>Following<strong> tap the + icon above My Story or <strong>2<strong> enter <strong>Creator Mode<strong> via the upper right Create button While in Creator Mode tap the middle + icon on the bottom and select Story

Key Takeaways

  • Twitch has launched its Stories feature, enabling users to easily create and share content with their Twitch community using their mobile devices.
  • Stories appear as a shelf at the top of the Following page for users with the updated app.
  • Initially, the capability to create stories is restricted to Partners & Affiliates with recent streaming activity. Eligible streamers will gradually gain access as they meet minimum requirements.
  • Stories enable the sharing of various types of content, including images, clips, and freeform posts. Customization options include text, channel emotes, and backgrounds.
  • Users with a minimum of 30 subscribers, including gift subs, can create sub-only stories.
  • Followers are notified of new stories through push notifications, and stories-specific notification settings allow viewers to control their notification frequency.
  • Stories are set to expire after 48 hours, offering followers more time to view each unique post.
  • Safety measures for stories are in place to ensure compliance with Twitch’s Community Guidelines.
  • Users can report stories that violate these guidelines directly within the app.

Why It Matters

Twitch’s introduction of the Stories feature aims to provide users with a streamlined method for creating and sharing content on the platform. This feature enhances the user experience by allowing more engaging interactions and convenient communication between users and their followers.

By gradually expanding access to this feature, Twitch is ensuring that streamers who meet the minimum eligibility requirements can benefit from this storytelling tool. With its customizable options and sub-only story creation, Twitch is catering to a broad spectrum of content creators and their audiences.

The notification settings for stories offer viewers a means to manage their engagement with this content format, adding an element of user control and personalization.

The safety measures in place for stories align with Twitch’s commitment to upholding its Community Guidelines, making the platform safer for all users. Users can confidently report any content that violates these standards, helping maintain a respectful and secure environment.

What’s Next?

As the rollout of the Stories feature progresses, Twitch will continue to assess the safety and effectiveness of the tool. It is possible that access to this feature may be extended to more streamers as the platform refines its implementation. Twitch is committed to making the Stories feature an integral part of the user experience, fostering creativity and interaction across the platform.

Source: Mobile Marketing

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